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The City's Municipal Lobbying Ordinance requires certain individuals and entities to register with the Ethics Commission and to publicly disclose their lobbying activities, including money received and spent.



An individual who directly communicates with a City official for the purpose of influencing a legislative or administrative matter and is compensated to spend 30 or more hours in any consecutive three-month period engaged in lobbying activities must register with the Ethics Commission as a lobbyist. This also applies to in-house lobbyists (employees who are compensated to lobby only on behalf of their employers).

A lobbying firm must register once an owner, partner, shareholder, officer, or employee qualifies as a lobbyist and the firm earns $1,000 during any consecutive three-month period from its clients for municipal lobbying.


Lobbying Firms/Employers:


Quarterly Reporting

Lobbying entities must disclose lobbying activity for each calendar quarter during which they are or have a registered lobbyist.  These reports include information such as matters a lobbyist attempted to influence, compensation received by a lobbying firm for its municipal lobbying activity, and expenditures made in connection with a lobbying firm's or employer's attempts to influence City decisions. Other disclosures include campaign contributions and payments a lobbyist or lobbying firm receives for other services provided to the City or to a City candidate or officeholder.

Quarterly Summaries:
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Persons other than lobbying entities who spend $5,000 or more in a calendar quarter to attempt to influence City action are considered "major filers". They must disclose their activity by filing Form 37.

Electronic Filing

Lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbyist employers are required to file registrations and quarterly disclosure reports online via the Lobbyist Electronic Filing System. A log-in identification is required and must be requested by filing Form 59. For technical questions about the filing system, please call or email.

One Business Day Notice: Fundraising Activity

A lobbying entity that raises, delivers, or acts as an intermediary for contributions to an elected City officer must disclose that activity to the Ethics Commission within one business day of reaching either of the following thresholds:

  • $15,000 for a City Council member; or
  • $35,000 for the Mayor, City Attorney, or Controller.

The activity must be disclosed through Form 43, and the Ethics Commission is required to post the information on its website.

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