Approved by the Ethics Commission (1992-Present)

PenaltyRespondentsViolationLaw*Case No.Date Approved
1$447,500Evergreen America CorporationExcess contributions; money launderingCharter § 312(c)(5)1992-103/38/23/1993
2$281,250Michael LoGrandeRevolving doorLAMC § 49.5.13(C)(1)2017-028/20/2019
3$270,000Mark AbramsExcess aggregate contributions; excess contributions; money launderingCharter §§ 470(c)(3), 470(c)(4), 470(c)(5), 470(c)(6), 470(k)2003-573/8/2005
4$183,750Alexander Hugh, et al.Excess contributions; money launderingCharter §§ 470(c)(4), 470(c)(6), 470(k)2010-1210/11/2011
5$170,000Peter L. BarkerMoney launderingCharter § 470(k)2013-042/14/2013
6$165,000Advanced Development and Investment, Inc.; Pacific Housing Diversified, Inc.; Ajit Mithaiwala; Salim Karimi; et al.Money launderingCharter § 470(k)2012-0612/13/2012
7$147,000Pierce O'DonnellMoney launderingCharter § 470(k)2003-56-A3/14/2006
8$110,000Fermin CuzaExcess aggregate contributions; excess contributions; money launderingCharter §§ 470(c)(3), 470(c)(4), 470(c)(6), 470(k)2001-18-B12/17/2002
9$108,000Sean Anderson; Richard ManhireMoney launderingCharter § 470(k)2005-034/14/2009
10$105,271Martin G. Ludlow; Martin Ludlow for City CouncilExcess contributions; cash payment of campaign expenditureCharter §§ 470(c)(3), 470(g)2004-203/14/2006

*Citations as of the date the penalty was approved.

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The Ethics Commission was created by Los Angeles voters in 1990 to impartially administer and enforce the City’s governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws.

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