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For Immediate Release: January 31, 2023
Contact: Nancy Jackson (213) 978-1960

Today is a filing deadline for several of the Ethics Commission’s key regulated communities. Disclosure statements must be filed by candidates for City and Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education (LAUSD) elected office, City officeholders, City lobbying entities, and City department heads.

State and City laws require City officeholders, lobbying entities, and department heads to file disclosure statements regarding their activities through December 31, 2022. In addition, City and LAUSD candidates in the following elections must disclose information about their contributions, expenditures, and campaign communications: 2023 Council District 6 special election; 2024 City and LAUSD regular elections; and 2022 City and LAUSD regular elections.

Disclosure statements are filed online, and PDF copies and reported data are immediately available through the Ethics Commission’s Public Data Portal ( for searching, viewing, and downloading. In addition, snapshots of election data are available on the Election Totals Page (, and various dashboards regarding lobbying, contracts, and other data can be accessed through the Data Hub (

The Ethics Commission was created to, among other things, foster transparency and equity and to help inform the citizens about government elections and decision making. To that end, the Ethics Commission encourages the public to explore its online data.

To download PDF, click here.

The Ethics Commission was created by Los Angeles voters in 1990 to impartially administer and enforce the City’s governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying laws.

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