State law requires all public officials to disclose personal financial interests by filing Form 700. A conflict of interests (COI) code is a document that identifies which public officials must disclose personal financial interests and specifies the types of interests that each public official must publicly disclose.

COI codes and the disclosure they govern help City officials monitor their financial interests and avoid participating in government decisions that might affect those interests. They also help to assure the public that the City’s decision makers are acting in the public’s best interest.

Each position that has the authority to make or participate in making City decisions must be identified as a City official in a department’s COI code. All officeholders, commissioners, and department heads are City officials. Other employees and consultants may also be City officials.

The disclosure required for each City official varies, depending on the position. In general, the more decision-making authority a City official has, the greater the detail the City official will have to disclose about personal finances.

Each COI code is reviewed by the department, the Ethics Commission, and the City Attorney’s Office before being sent to the City Council for final approval. Each COI code has three sections:

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    This section identifies laws regarding financial disclosure and conflicts of interests. It is the same for all departments and can be viewed here.

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    This section identifies the City officials in the department. Because they make or participate in making City decisions, these individuals are required to file Form 700.

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    This section identifies the disclosure categories for the department’s City officials and specifies which financial interests each City official must report on Form 700.


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