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The Los Angeles City Charter requires the Ethics Commission to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the City's laws regarding governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying and to make recommendations about the laws to the Mayor and the City Council.

Recent policy issues are noted below. You can also access legislative updates through the Commission's agendas, for more information about issues that are being considered or recommended by the Commission.

Municipal Lobbying Ordinance Review

The Ethics Commission has begun its comprehensive review of the Municipal Lobbying Ordinance. A major component of the review concerns registration requirements, which can be found in Los Angeles Municipal Code § 48.06 and § 48.07.

We welcome feedback regarding your perspective on or experience with the current registration requirements. Comments can be e-mailed to We hope to discuss the registration requirements at the Ethics Commission meeting on August 15, 2017. Comments received by June 26, 2017 will be most helpful in informing that conversation.
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