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The Los Angeles City Charter requires the Ethics Commission to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the City's laws regarding governmental ethics, campaign financing, and lobbying and to make recommendations about the laws to the Mayor and the City Council.

Recent policy issues are noted below. You can also access legislative updates through the Commission's agendas, for more information about issues that are being considered or recommended by the Commission.

Enforcement Regulations

In February, the Ethics Commission began a discussion regarding possible improvements to its enforcement regulations. We have received some helpful input from the public regarding the first and second drafts of the regulations, and we thank those who have commented!

A third draft (dated April 11) has been developed based on feedback received so far, and we would appreciate hearing your thoughts on it. Since the first draft, changes have been made to the provisions regarding the statute of limitations, notice to consumers, the service of subpoenas, the subpoena objection process, and the cooperation and reporting sections.

We value your comments, which can be emailed to The enforcement regulations will be considered again at the Ethics Commission meeting on April 18, 2017.
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