Disclosure and the 2011 Elections

It may be hard to believe, but the City’s 2011 election cycle is already underway. As the agency that receives candidates’ public campaign statements and other election-related documents, the City Ethics Commission had already received filings from four City Council candidates and one candidate for LAUSD School Board as of March 1st. These filings establish candidates committees and allow them to begin fundraising and spending in connection with the March 8, 2011 municipal and LAUSD primary election.

Once a City or LAUSD candidate forms a campaign committee, he or she begins reporting the committee's fundraising and expenditure activity to the Ethics Commission. Disclosure reports for municipal and LAUSD candidates include detailed information on a candidate's contributors (including their occupations and employers), expenditures, and loans. Early in the election cycle these reports are due every six months, but as the election nears the reporting becomes more frequent. By early 2011, candidates will be reporting their committees' activity every few weeks. To see the 2011 election filing schedule, the candidates' fundraising and spending activity, and any non-candidate spending made by independent entities, visit our 2011 Municipal and LAUSD Elections page.

These campaign statements are filed electronically and are available on the Commission’s website for public viewing in a searchable format. The City Ethics Commission’s Electronic Filing System (EFS) campaign finance database makes it easy to search for specific contributors or vendors across multiple candidate committees or election cycles. Bookmark our main Campaigns/Elections page for updated information about all city and LAUSD elections or to search contributions, expenditures, campaign literature, and independent expenditures for multiple candidates or elections throughout the election.

Disclosure and Other Committees

  • Officeholder Account Committees: Once City candidates are elected to office, City law allows them to “redesignate” their campaign committees to Officeholder Account Committees and to use those funds only for certain types of constituent services and communications, and other specified expenses related to holding City office. Just as campaign committees regularly file disclosure statements with the Ethics Commission, so do the Officeholder Committees; their disclosure reports are due quarterly, and they report all fundraising and expenditure activity, including additional details about travel, meal, and gift expenditures. All Officeholder Committee disclosure reports are filed electronically with the Commission and available for public search on our main Campaigns/Elections page.

  • Ballot Measure, General Purpose, and Other “Controlled” Committees: The City Ethics Commission also regularly receives disclosure reports for City ballot measure and City general purpose committees, as well as any elected officeholder’s other controlled committees. While these committees are not currently required to file disclosure statements with the Commission electronically, the Commission does make these statements available for public viewing, either via email (in a PDF format) or paper copy viewable in our office. To find out what ballot measure, general purpose, or other committees file with the Commission, or if you would like copies of any of those reports, please contact the Commission’s Programs Operations staff at (213) 978-1960.

Additional information or guidance about the City’s campaign finance laws can be obtained by contacting the Commission’s Program Operations staff at (213) 978-1960

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