Lobbying Ordinance Available Electronically for Contract Bidders

    In adopting Measure R in November 2006, Los Angeles voters, in part, established a requirement that bidders on City contracts must submit a bidder certification form when applying for certain City contracts. CEC Form 50 requires contract bidders to both acknowledge and agree to comply with the registration and disclosure requirements and the prohibitions established in the City’s Municipal Lobbying Ordinance (Los Angeles Municipal Code Sections 48.01 et seq.)

    The new law, codified in section 48.09(H) of the ordinance, also requires City agencies to include both the certification form and the lobbying ordinance in hard copy with each invitation for bids, request for proposals, request for qualifications, or solicitation related to entering into a city contract.

    In May, the City Council approved a recommendation from the City Ethics Commission to allow city agencies to provide the lobbying ordinance to bidders in an electronic format or through an online link when the solicitation is provided electronically. The Commission’s proposal in this case is just one example of the approach it will continue to pursue to implement laws that use current technology to ease compliance and conserve limited resources.

    For additional information about contract bidder certification, please contact the City Ethics Commission at (213) 978-1960 or visit our lobbying web page at http://ethics.lacity.org/lobby/lobby.cfm.

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