Ethics Commission Recent Enforcement Actions

Between December 2007 and April 2008, the City Ethics Commission acted on 17 stipulated settlements that stemmed from prior City elections and resulted from the Commission’s mandate to audit City campaigns following each election cycle.

Nearly all the settlements involved contributors or candidate-controlled committees that made or received, or gave, campaign contributions in excess of allowable amounts. Under the City Charter, candidates for Citywide office may receive up to $1,000 from a contributor in a primary or general election. City Council candidates may receive no more than $500 from any person in a single election. Other violations resolved through the settlements included: failure to keep proper campaign records, failure to provide a proper disclaimer, and a failure to provide public copies of campaign literature.

All but two of the settlements involving excess contributions qualified for consideration under the Commission’s Infraction Policy. The Infraction Policy allows the Commission to waive any fine if the amount contributed or received falls under a certain amount, among other factors.

For more general information about the Commission’s audit mandate, and copies of audit reports conducted following the 2007 municipal election, please visit our audit page.

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