City Ethics Commission to Review Municipal Lobbying Ordinance

Earlier this year, the City Ethics Commission set as one of its policy and legislative priorities the comprehensive review of the City’s Municipal Lobbying Ordinance. That ordinance requires those who receive compensation to influence City actions and legislation to register and file regular public disclosure reports with the Commission. The purpose of this review is to ensure that the City’s lobbying laws are as strong and effective as possible. The Commission last conducted a comprehensive review of the ordinance in the early 1990s.

The Ethics Commission’s comprehensive review of the Municipal Lobbying Ordinance is well underway. Internal discussions are continuing, and the Commission hopes to make specific recommendations about improvements to the ordinance this fall.

Commission staff held interested persons meetings on March 9 and April 5 to review key areas of current law and solicit comment on areas that might benefit from being strengthened or streamlined. Members of the public and the lobbying community have provided thoughtful observations and suggestions about ways to improve the law. Those who were unable to attend a session and would like to listen to the audio feeds from those meetings can tune in to the Commission’s policy page ( That page also contains a summary of suggestions received from those sessions.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions to share with the Commission, it is not too late to provide your comments electronically. Simply visit our policy page and click the link called "Join the discussion on the lobbying ordinance". The Commission has also set up a policy e-bulletin to keep the public informed of ongoing developments. To subscribe, please visit The Public Trust page at

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