The Public Trust

City Ethics Commission Elects New Officers for FY 07-08

On July 17, the Ethics Commission voted unanimously to elect Sean P. Treglia as its President for a one-year term, and elected fellow Commissioner Robert M. Saltzman as its Vice President. [more...]

Know Before You Go: Valuing the "Gift" You Receive When You’re a Guest at an Event

In the course of performing work on the City’s behalf, City officials may often have the occasion to attend various events that are sponsored or conducted by organizations or businesses that interact with them in their capacity as a City official. [more...]

To Recuse or Not to Recuse

What does it mean to recuse oneself from acting on a governmental decision or matter, and who should do so? [more...]

City Ethics Commission to Review Municipal Lobbying Ordinance

Earlier this year, the City Ethics Commission set as one of its policy and legislative priorities the comprehensive review of the City’s Municipal Lobbying Ordinance.[more...]

Enforcement Matters Resolved This Year By Ethics Commission Reflect its Broad Charter Mandate

Since the beginning of the calendar year, the City Ethics Commission’s board has resolved a number of enforcement matters through stipulations or orders. Among the cases resolved have been those involving violations of the City’s Governmental Ethics Ordinance, its Municipal Lobbying Ordinance, and the City’s Campaign Finance Ordinance and Charter provisions. [more...]

State Legislature Considering Bill Designed to Limit Local Regulation of "Member Communications"

As this newsletter goes into circulation, a bill to limit local regulation of campaign expenditures known as "member communications" remains pending in the State Senate. [more...]