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One Business Day Notice: Fundraising and Delivery/Intermediary Activity by a Lobbying Entity

Pursuant to Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 48.08.7, a lobbying entity must file a notice with the City Ethics Commission when, within a 12-month period, it:

  1. engages in fundraising activities on behalf of an elective City officer and/or any and all of his or her controlled committees , and
  2. knows or has reason to know that the fundraising activities resulted in contributions, and/or
  3. delivered or acted as an intermediary for one or more contributions to the elective City officer and/or any and of his controlled committees, and
  4. the activities of a) through c), above, aggregate more than:
    1. $15,000 in the case of a member of the City Council, or
    2. $35,000 in the case of the Mayor, City Attorney, or Controller.

The following One Business Day Notices have been reported by lobbying entities.

* Filing is an amendment


2017 Los Angeles City Ethics Commission.