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The effective implementation of state and City filing requirements for statements of econimic interests (SEI) takes a City-wide effort. As your agency's ethics liaison, we rely on your support to ensure that your agency achieves full and timely filing compliance.

To assist you in your role as an ethics liaison, we created this web page for you. Below you will find materials that will guide you through your role in the filing process. We encourage you to visit this web page often, as we will be updating it regularly to provide you with the latest information on any developments that are relevant to your work.

Welcome to your page, and thank you for all of the work you do!

Annual Statement of Economic Interests

The deadline for your filers to submit their annual SEI is:

Monday, April 3, 2017

Review your role in this year’s filing here:

Annual Filing Process

Click here to see a calendar of key annual filing process dates.

SEI Overview

Electronic Filing & Database Management

eDisclosure is the City's electronic SEI filing system and database for managing your agency's Form 700 and Form 60 filers.

    What does eDisclosure do?

  • E-mails auto filing notifications to your filers.
  • Allow filers to file their Form 700 and Form 60 electronically.
  • Provides filers with instant feedback about errors.
  • Stores filers' information for the next required filing.

    Your eDisclosure Responsibilities:

  • Maintain a current list of your agency's filers;
  • Add new filers;
  • Term or transfer departing filers;
  • Distribute paper filing materials to filers without e-mail accounts;
  • Date-stamp all paper filings;
  • Photo-copy and store filings, and
  • Forward all original hard copy filings to the Ethics Commission.

Log in here:

eDisclosure login

If you have not received a login ID and password, contact the CEC at (213) 978-1960 or

Guide to Updating Your Filer List

As an ethics liaison, you are responsible for keeping a current list of your agency’s filers in eDisclosure. Updating your list of SEI filers and their contact information will help ensure that all of your agency’s filers will be adequately notified of their filing obligations. Use guide and forms below to keep your list of filers up-to-date.

Assuming & Leaving Office SEIs

An individual who begins working in or who leaves a designated filing position in your agency is required to file an assuming or leaving office statement of economic interests (SEI) within 30 days. As your agency’s ethics liaison, you are responsible for overseeing the assuming and leaving office SEI filing process for your agency. Review the documents below for step-by-step instructions on the assuming and leaving office process.

Paper SEI Filing Materials

Filers without email addresses in eDisclosure will not receive filing notices via email nor will they be able to file electronically. It is your responsibility to distribute the filing materials to these filers. Depending on the filing required, follow the applicable distribution instructions below. If you are unsure which filing is required, consult the Types of Statements document.

*Excluding IDA, HACLA, and WIB officials.

Conflict of Interest Codes:

To access your current COI Code, please click here.

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