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Thank you for taking the time to review your department’s Conflict of Interest code. The below paragraphs explain a bit about the reason and purpose for these codes and detail how to best use them.

What is a Conflict of Interest Code?

A Conflict of Interest (COI) code is a set of regulations that alerts public officials and members of the public to the types of financial interests that may create, or appear to create, conflicts of interest.

Each City department’s code is reviewed by the City Ethics Commission and the Office of the City Attorney before being sent to the City Council for final approval. The codes designate which positions within individual City departments are required to file Statements of Economic Interests, and assigns what financial positions – such as investments, interests in real estate, sources of income and/or gifts – need to be disclosed. The required level of disclosure varies – sometimes widely – depending on the position.  In general, however, the more decision-making authority a position has, the greater the detail the person holding that position will have to make regarding their finances.

The codes themselves have three main parts:

Main Body

This section introduces the relevant state regulations and provisions relating to financial disclosure and conflicts of interest. As it is the same for all City departments, it is not included in the links below. However, a generic version of this section can be viewed by clicking here.

Schedule A

This section lists which positions within your department are considered “designated filers.” Employees holding these positions are individuals charged with making – or participating in making – governmental decisions. These individuals are considered “designated filers” and are required to file a Statement of Economic Interest.

Schedule B

This section lists your department’s “disclosure categories,” detailing who has to disclose what. Disclosure categories specify the types of financial interests that must be reported on Statements of Economic Interests by designated filers. 


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General Services
Airports, Los Angeles World (LAWA) Harbor (Port of LA)
Animal Services Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID)
Building & Safety Housing Authority (HACLA)
Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Human Relations Commission
Chief Legislative Analyst (CLA) Industrial Development Authority
City Attorney, Office of the Information Technology Agency (ITA)
City Clerk LA City Employees' Retirement System (LACERS)
City Council LAUSD Redistricting Commission
City Council Redistricting Commission Library
Controller, Office of the Mayor, Office of the
Convention Center Personnel
Cultural Affairs Planning, City
Deferred Compensation, Board of Police (LAPD)
Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) Public Works, Board of
Disability (Staff) Public Works, Contract Administration
Disability (Commission) Public Works, Engineering

Economic and Workforce Development Department

Public Works, Sanitation
El Pueblo Public Works, Street Lighting
Emergency Management Public Works, Street Services
Employee Relations Board Recreation & Parks
Ethics Commission, City (CEC) Transportation (LADOT)
Finance, Office of Water & Power (DWP)
Fire Workforce Investment Board (WIB)
Fire & Police Pensions Zoo



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