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Browse Quarterly Reports
Registered lobbying entities are required to file quarterly reports disclosing their attempts to influence City decision-makers.

Search Registered Lobbyists
Lobbyists who meet certain compensation and activity thresholds are required to register with the City. Browse through lobbyists and the firms that employ them.

Search Registered Clients
Clients are listed by the lobbying firm that is compensated to represent them.

Search Payments Received from Clients
Lobbying firms must report compensation received from each client for whom it provided municipal lobbying services during the quarter. All fees or payments received for representation must be reported in the quarter in which they were received.

Search Lobbyist-Related Fundraising Activity and Solicitations
Fundraising activity performed by lobbying entities on behalf of City elective officials and candidates and the amount of funds raised as a result of that activity must be disclosed. Additionally, when a lobbying entity produces, mails or distributes more than 50 copies of a written political fundraising solicitation for the controlled committee of an elective City officer or candidate, a copy must be filed with the City Ethics Commission.

Search Lobbyist-Related Political Contributions
Lobbying entities must disclose contributions of $100 or more that they make, deliver, or for which they act as intermediary to any elected City officer or City candidate.

Search Activity Expenses
Payments made by a lobbying entity that benefit a City official or member of his or her immediate family are activity expenses and reportable. These include payments for meals or gifts.

Search Other Expenditures
Lobbying entities must disclose all expenditures related to attempts to influence municipal legislation. Expenditures of $5,000 or more must be itemized.

Search Payments Received from City Agencies
Lobbying entities are required to disclose any compensation received under contract from City agencies.

Search Payments Received from City Candidate and Ballot Measure Committees
Compensated services (like fundraising, campaign consulting, treasurer services, etc.) provided by lobbying entities to City candidates or ballot measure committees must be disclosed.

Search Lobbying Behested Donations
Donations aggregating $1,000 or more at the behest of an elective City officer or candidate for elective City office to any charitable, religious or non-profit organization must be disclosed.

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