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Step One: Choose how you would like to view information reported by Candidates, Officeholders and Independent Expenditure Committees.

Browse Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Statements (CA460)
Browse Candidate/Officeholder Campaign Statements (CA Form 460) filed with the LA City Ethics Commission.

Search Contributions to Candidates and Officeholders
Search for information about monetary and non-monetary contributions and loans received by the committee, including loans from the candidate to his or her committee. [Form 460: Schedules A, B1 and C]

Search Expenditures by Candidates and Officeholders
Search for information about payments made by the committee, unpaid bills and loans made to others. [Form 460: Schedules E, F, and H]

Search Communications by Candidates and officeholders 
Search Mailers, E-mails, and Flyers distributed by Candidates and Officeholders.

Search Independent Expenditures and Communications 
Search for information about payments made by independent groups supporting or opposing candidates or ballot measures.

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