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The Ethics Commission regulates persons who make independent expenditures or member communications to support or oppose candidates or ballot measures during City or Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) elections. 

Independent expenditures and member communications are referred to as "non-candidate spending," because they are not coordinated with a candidate or a candidate-controlled committee.


When $1,000 or more is spent on an independent expenditure or a member communication, the communication must include specific disclaimers to identify who is paying for it.  For example, the following disclaimers are required for independent expenditures that support or oppose City candidates:

  1. "Paid for by" immediately followed by the name, address, and city of the person or committee.
  2. "Not authorized by a City candidate."
  3. "Major Funding Provided By [contributors who gave $25,000 or more to the committee funding the independent expenditure in the six months before the expenditure]."  Payments of $25,000 or more that are earmarked for candidates or ballot measures outside the City need not be disclosed.

If you would like to make an independent expenditure to support or oppose an LAUSD candidate or a City ballot measure, or if you plan to make a member communication, please e-mail us at for information about the disclaimer language that must be included in your communication.


When disclaimer requirements apply, disclosure requirements also apply. Independent expenditures and member communications of $1,000 or more must be reported to us within 24 hours of payment.  A "Non-Candidate Spending Notification" form must be completed and filed with a copy of the communication (e.g., literature, script, billboard art, doorhangers, etc.).  The completed form and all related documents must be emailed in Portable Document Format (PDF) to

Please contact us for information about how to complete the form and about the documents that must be filed with the form.  Two versions of the form are available through the links below:

View Non-Candidate Spending

When independent expenditures and member communications are filed with us, they are available for public viewing through our web site.  To search the filings, please click the link below:

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