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07-02 09/11/07 Outside Earned Income A city official may not receive outside earned income from an entity if the official is in a position to make or influence governmental decisions that could foreseeably have a material financial effect on the entity. De Foor LAMC §§ 49.5.2, 49.5.5, 49.5.9(B).

07-01 06/14/07 Contribution Limits Contribution limits apply to candidate-controlled committees and non-candidate controlled committees formed to support or oppose a candidate in connection with a recall effort. Turovsky (Weiss) 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18531.5.

Cal. Const. art. XI §§ 3(a), 5(a), 5(b).

Cal. Gov't Code §§ 82007, 82047.

LACC §§ 430, 431, 432, 433, 434, 435, 437, 470.

LAMC §§ 436,, 49.7.10.

06-05 08/18/06 Gifts; contribution limits; officeholder expense funds Gifts to the City that are solicited or accepted by the Mayor for deposit into City trust funds are not subject to the contribution limits for officeholder expense funds. Freeman (Villaraigosa) LAMC §§ 48.02, 49.5.11, 49.5.2, 49.5.3.

06-04 08/11/06 Officeholder account; travel expenditures A Councilmember may use his officeholder account to pay for travel expenses made during a blackout period if the expenditure is similar to one made in conjunction with a tax-exempt IRC 501(c)(3) organization. Downing (Smith) IRC § 510(c)(3).

LAMC §§ 49.7.12(A)(2)(g), 49.7.12(A)(2)(w).

06-03 05/16/06 Post-City service; conflict of interest code A former City official may engage as a community organizer and outreach professional, provided that he complies with the one-year ban on lobbying his former employer and staff and the permanent ban on influencing any pending matter with which he had personal and substantial involvement. Valdivia LAMC §§ 48.02, 49.5.11, 49.5.2, 49.5.3.

06-02 04/20/06 Gifts of travel; gifts to an agency A registered lobbyist employer may provide travel expenses in connection with a trip to France to City officials provided that the payment is made as a "gift to an agency," rather than a gift to an individual. Gastelum 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18944.2.

LACC § CAO Rule 6.

LAMC §§ 49.5.10(B), 49.5.2.

06-01 02/03/06 Outside Employment A High Level City Official may accept outside employment with USC because it is not in conflict or inconsistent with her City duties. Shaw LAMC §§ 49.5.2, 49.5.9.

05-05 10/18/05 Reopening a terminated campaign committee; Officeholder Account; Legal Defense Fund An elected official may reopen a terminated 2001 campaign committee to raise funds to pay for legal costs arising from an administrative enforcement matter, provided the committee is re-designated as a Legal Defense Fund. Alternatively, a Legal Defense Fund may be established in connection with the Councilmember's Officeholder Account to pay for the legal costs. Wasson (Weiss) 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18404.1(i)(3).

LACC § 470(c)(9).

LAMC §§ 49.7.12, 49.7.7(B).

05-04 06/22/05 Use of Position/Authority; Commissioner Fundraising City law does not prevent a Public Works Board member from soliciting donations in support of charitable community initiatives, provided that no City resources are used in connection with the solicitation and that donations are solicited from a broad range of sources to avoid any misperception that the Board member is misusing her position or authority for the benefit of the initiatives. Shaw 2 Cal. Code of Regs. § 18215(a)(1).

Cal. Gov't Code §§ 82015, 82015.2, 82015(a).

LAMC §§ 49.5.2, 49.7.8.

05-03 05/31/05 Officeholder Account A Councilmember may use his officeholder account to make a one-time donation to the Station Fund, a 501(c)(7) organization, of a new police station in his district for the purpose of purchasing supplies and equipment for use by the police officers of that station. Smith LAMC §§ 49.7.12(A)(2)(b), 49.7.12(A)(2)(w).

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