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  What does the Commission Do?

The City Ethics Commission administers and enforces the City's laws that help ensure government decisions are made in the public interest, untainted by consideration of private gain or the influence of special interests. To accomplish this goal, the Ethics Commission and its full time staff administer mandated ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying programs, introduce new ethics reforms, conduct investigations, monitor campaign activities, analyze and summarize disclosure reports, and advise City officials and the public about the law.

In addition, as part of Proposition H, voters approved a system of partial public financing for City elections. The purpose of the public matching funds system is to provide more competitive elections, reduce campaign spending, and decrease the power of special interests.

The City Charter requires the Ethics Commission to:

  • assist City officials, candidates, campaign treasurers, lobbyists, and the public in complying with the City's ethics, campaign finance, and lobbying laws.

  • investigate complaints and allegations of violations of City law relating to campaign financing, governmental ethics, and lobbying; and

  • administer a public matching funds program that allows qualified candidates to receive limited public funds for the City election campaigns;

  • receive, review, and audit campaign statements filed by City candidates and officeholders;

Public documents available from the City Ethics Commission include:

  • campaign statements that detail political fundraising and expenditure activity of candidates and elected City officials;
  • lobbying reports filed by persons attempting to influence City decisions;
  • economic interest statements filed by City officials under conflict of interest laws.

These public documents are available for review at the Ethics Commission office. Copies are available for a minimal charge by calling (213) 978-1960, by faxing your request to the Commission at (213) 978-1988, or by sending your request by e-mail by using our Feedback Form.


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